How To Season Your New Smoker

A question I get asked quite often is whether or not to add in new smoker seasoning to a batch of smokers. My answer to that question is always, it depends. You will want to make sure that you're adding in the right type of seasoning for your particular brand of smoker. It is also important that you do not go overboard and put in too much seasoning. There are a few different ways you can season your new smoker. You can purchase a package of dry rubs at your local grocery store.


These packs of seasoning come in many different varieties to suit any type of smoker. Some people like to add a little extra spice to their food while others like to keep things simple and just smoke their meat without adding anything extra. Smoking seasoned meat can give your food an entirely different flavor to it. It can also be an expensive endeavor. In order to get the most out of your purchase you should make sure that you purchase the highest quality of seasoning that you can afford. Many people prefer to use all natural seasoning. This can be purchased in bulk at your local co-op for a fair price. You must read here as well:

Before adding the new smoker flavorings to your meat, make sure that the pieces you are going to add are large enough to allow for expansion without getting smaller holes in your meat. If you find that some pieces are too small for your brand new smoker then you can cut them down a bit. You will also want to remove any previous seasoning on the bag that you have purchased. You may want to carefully pull these out and discard them. Do not throw them away because you may need this product later on. The next step is to load up your new smoker shown in this article and ready it for sale. You should always take proper care with your investment and have it cleaned and maintained at all times. You will want to have your propane tank changed at the very least once a year for optimum functionality.

This will ensure that your fuel remains at the optimal temperature for smoking food. You should also place a piece of plumb material over the drip hole so that the air does not stagnate. The final step is to place all of your wood on the bottom of your New Smoker. This is important because it will prevent your wood from drying out or burning up while you are smoking your food. After you have placed your wood on the bottom of your New Smoker you should turn your New Smoker on and set it to the perfect temperature for smoking.

Within a few minutes you should be ready to start cooking your favorite meals. If you are ready to buy your new smoker, it is important that you spend your time researching the various features that are available on the models that are on the market today. This way you will be certain that you are buying the perfect product for you and your family. For further inquiries, see page!